Notes from the Plague

It started as a far-off speck in a faraway land. Reports of coronavirus started trickling in from Wuhan, China by November of 2019. By December it was clear a pandemic had taken hold. How bad would it be? Some made the case it would be the worst in 100 years, but we still won’t know […]

Gangster Politics has Come to America

Trump is a populist demagogue in the spirit of Latin American caudillos of the past. But the future he points to is darker and nihilistic, one that can be found in its later stages in the gangster state of Putin’s Russia. The period immediately leading up to and following the 2020 elections is defined by […]

An Inflection Point in American History

A Fitting Coda to a Year Like No Other Occasionally we seem to bear witness to something important. It’s the unsettling feeling of looking into the void of unwritten history and the weight of uncertainty bearing down. It makes life seem interesting. And ominous. I was too young to remember 9/11, only the barely concealed awkwardness […]

African Immigrants in a Small Texas Town

Diversity can be found in some unlikely places I grew up on a ranch north of the “small” town of Corsicana, Texas. The town was the county seat of Navarro County and the center of a regional economy supported by ranching and agriculture. Corsicana is what you might expect from a small town on the dividing […]

Battery Technology is the Key to Stopping Climate Change

It will make capitalism the environment’s best friend A wind farm in West Texas Battery technology has been what has limited the scaling of renewable energy sources. Energy demand varies greatly throughout the day, and with the seasons. This variation is one of the primary advantages of carbon-based energy sources over renewable sources: we can precisely […]

Light the Way

I turned in the dark and there was no light in the distance beyond my own. And I saw nothing that I did not perceive as all the images came from within from within the center of my light, That showed a path beyond the distance. The dark was an obstacle to my sight, a […]

Do These 5 Things Daily to Enhance Your Routine and Improve Mental Health

Routine and discipline are two of the keys to staying centered and maintaining your mental health. But different people need different routines, and some routines are more effective than others, so it can be difficult to know what to include. Below are five things that should improve anyone’s routine, and help you build a well-balanced […]

It All Starts with You: Don’t Let Self-Improvement Become Self-Loathing

Its a fine line. The desire for self-improvement often seems to be noble on the surface. But before adopting it as a mantra, we should look beneath the surface to what truly motivates us to pursue that course. Are we being noble, or are we comparing ourselves to others? When you see someone else violating […]

The Trump Myth has Been Busted

They threw their tantrum and let out their rage, and the consequence was division, destruction, and disaster.

On Coffee Shops and Ennui

No amount of coffee shop jazz or gentrified rap songs played on a device manufactured in a Malaysian sweat shop could assuage by bad feelings.

Icon to Legend

I remember 20 years ago saying his name. I remember talking about his exploits with the other children at the table. I remember talking about wanting to meet him, how he was the greatest of his generation at his craft. We all loved basketball. We imagined being NBA players, being seven feet tall, jumping like […]

The Inhumanity of War

On the afternoon of March 22, 1943, a convoy of Nazi soldiers encircled the village of Khatyn in modern-day Belarus. The convoy had just survived an ambush by a group of Soviet partisans and wanted to exact revenge and use the little village as an example. The convoy entered the village and drove most of the inhabitants from […]