On Coffee Shops and Ennui

No amount of coffee shop jazz or gentrified rap songs played on a device manufactured in a Malaysian sweat shop could assuage by bad feelings.

The Voyage of the Endurance

Led by Irish explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, the expedition failed to accomplish its goal of an Antarctic land crossing, but became an epic feat of endurance in its own right.

Philosophy of History

. . . . we currently live in a stable, prosperous world, and we should understand the larger trends that produced this world, regardless of the motivations or intentions of those who helped produce it.

WWII and the World Order

On May 8th, 1945, Nazi Germany formally surrendered without conditions to Allied Forces in Berlin. The act of surrender was signed by Karl Donitz, Adolf Hitler’s successor following his suicide […]

Notes from the Plague

It started as a far-off speck in a faraway land. Reports of coronavirus started trickling in from Wuhan, China by November of 2019. By December it was clear a pandemic […]

Icon to Legend

I remember 20 years ago saying his name. I remember talking about his exploits with the other children at the table. I remember talking about wanting to meet him, how […]

The Inhumanity of War

On the afternoon of March 22, 1943, a convoy of Nazi soldiers encircled the village of Khatyn in modern-day Belarus. The convoy had just survived an ambush by a group of Soviet […]

War with Iran, or Not

The news has lately been an unserious psychodrama, and journalists reduced to reporting an inane tweet punched out on the Presidential iPhone, or the latest entry in the impeached-or-not-impeached saga. […]