Gangster Politics has Come to America

Trump is a populist demagogue in the spirit of Latin American caudillos of the past. But the future he points to is darker and nihilistic, one that can be found […]

The French Religious Wars: Part I of III

The French Wars of Religion were another prominent and extended chapter of the waves of religious wars that plagued Europe in the aftermath of the Protestant Reformation. The particular conflict […]

An Inflection Point in American History

A Fitting Coda to a Year Like No Other Occasionally we seem to bear witness to something important. It’s the unsettling feeling of looking into the void of unwritten history and […]

How a Peasant Became Emperor of Rome

His rise through the ranks rested on noble largess he tapped into with his skill at arms and adept social maneuvering, and a level of ruthlessness and cunning that was shocking even at that time.

Light the Way

I turned in the dark and there was no light in the distance beyond my own. And I saw nothing that I did not perceive as all the images came […]