San Antonio based entrepreneur, marketer, writer, and community organizer. Ken worked as a consulting engineer in the construction industry for four years before pursuing his passion for writing, ideas, and change-making.

He is co-founder and CMO of  Decentralized Web Technologies, a tech startup focused on developing and implementing novel solutions to decentralize the internet. He is also the curator of the Footnotes of History, a social media based platform to bring the study of history to a new generation with tools from the digital age. Ken also believes that community building is the best way to combat the alienation that pervades the modern world, and to that end, serves on the Ambassador Committee of SA2020, volunteers with several community organizations, and served as a volunteer director of San Antonio Young Professionals for three years,

Ken received Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University. During his time there, he worked as a research assistant in the Polymer NanoComposites Lab and the Plasma Engineering and Diagnostics Lab. In his free time, Ken pursues passions in music, reading, and cooking, and enjoys relaxing with friends and family across Texas.


Sunset on Briggs Ranch, Ken’s childhood home, outside Corsicana, TX.