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Moonlight in the Hills


The night danced away
With us around the fire pit
We looked at the crescent moon
And talked unaware
Of the beauty around us.

And we laughed and
We drank and
We Smoked the night out
We wandered up the hills.
Under the dark cover
They appeared as twilight outlines
And a shadow river flowed
Between moonlit hilltops.

Shapes came forward
And faded back
Some shaped like me
Their voices called out
And mine in response
And we carried on through
The moonlit forest.

A river flowed ahead
We saw reflections of starlight
Bright dots on a silky canvas
We chilled our feet in the water
Laid back to look at the sky
The darkness rushed in
And the lights faded and
Time passed unaware

But for the warmth on my face
As the lights turned on.
Glowing embers in rising
Intensity rose above the hills
The starlight and moonlight
Faded into the light blue hues.
We returned to the fire pit.
The lights of night extinguished
And daylight rushed in.

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